When Bad Meets Evil

When Bad Meets Evil

Something you don’t get to see too often in wrestling is when the bad guys go up against each other.  In these matches, it’s harder to say what exactly is going to happen.  Sometimes depending on the storyline, one wrestler may start to turn good or one will take on...

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WWE has been on the receiving end of an enormous and growing wave of criticism over the last couple of years. That rise of disdain goes hand in hand with both the ever increasing use and abuse of social media, and the birth of the new "competition", AEW. Is the hatred...

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Danny and Beast Mike are back with another edition of Get In The Ring We Review: WWE NXT Takeover XXV NJPW BOSJ Final and preview Dominion WWE TV And Watch Akira Maeda vs Tatsumi Fujinami from 1986 and Terry Funk vs Harley Race from 1977 Sorry About Danny's audio...

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